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  1. Neck Splining

    October 18, 2012


    In early 2009 we had got a phone call that started out like all the others “I’ve broken my guitar can you repair it?” “Of course,” we replied “I’ve snapped the headstock off and I have a gig in two nights.” “Oh” Was our response.

    Not too long after, a man came in with this broken ovation. It turns out it belonged to happy tapper Preston Reed, who was playing some shows in Brisbane over the weekend.

    This break was particularly bad but we felt confident it could be repaired and stage ready in time. (more…)

  2. Shipwrecked Dobro’s “Robert J. White” Special

    July 5, 2012

    Who would have thought a parallel could be made between a neurosurgeon infamous in the 1970’s and our Aria Dobro’s? Well, we did!

    It started out as an aesthetics issue. We had resonators that sounded great and were easy to play, but the issue was that the contemporary,  flat headstocks detract from the style and vibe of the guitar. We also have a lot of old unrepairable european guitars, sitting around gathering dust but sporting lovely slotted headstocks.

    Enter inspiration! enter experimentation! voila! The problem is solved. We grafted the slotted headstocks from the dusty no-hopers onto the nice sounding, comfortable feeling dobros!

    Using a combination of scarf joins and spline reinforcement the transplant is a roaring success. Adding that vintage feel to the rest of the instrument, we knew we just had to apply our own style of relic-ing (in this case, shipwrecking as we call it) to these beauts.

    Those are P-90 pickups installed with our “Charlie Christian Style” covers


    The video explains better than we can how these machines sound, so have a look, see for yourself