1920’s Vega Tubaphone

October 18, 2019

Now you kids you know that I just looooovvvveee my banjo’s…. here’s a good reason why….just re skinned, re fretted and set up with one of my “Farmer John’s” antler bridges…..

this 1920’s Vega Tubaphone was actually designed to be something akin to a “baritone” banjo with a much lower tuning and no high 5th string, however we’ve managed to adapt it back into a standard 5 string using a railway spike at the 5th fret…

just look at that carving work on the neck heal… no CNC routing in them days…….

thank Kathleen (aka Wendy) for letting us restore your baby….

love John (aka Allen)…

PS as you can see the Clancey family were the previous owners and were thrilled to see thew family name under the arm rest