Beaten up Takamine

October 30, 2019

I think you all know that nothing excites me more than a guitar that’s a workhorse and has the scars to show it…. today’s example is that of Nick Phillips and his wife Angie’s Takamine. I’ve known this crittter since the early 90’s and I have to say what a testament it is to the build quality of these guitars.

I know that a lot of folk love their Maton’s and Cole Clarks, and I think that’s great, especially from the “buy Australian” perspective but back in the 90’s Takamine had one of the best sounding pick up systems around and when It came/ comes to bullet proof design and build, nothing compares to Japanese made Takamine’s.

I’m not kidding btw, we see so many of these old girls come in and it’s never structural or loose bracings or back neck set, nup! it’s worn out frets…. always worn out frets…. and wear holes in the sound board…