Brisbane vintage guitars: Nuts about Nuts

May 6, 2014

Brisbane vintage guitars

As a kid I grew up in a world of “cant”. “You can’t do that, you can’t do this”, dear reader, I’m sure you know what I mean. However the biggest “can’t” came in my late teens.

This one was a doozy “you can’t make a living playing rock n roll”. In fact my vocational guidance officer (do they still have those?) told me that I could make a living as a musician if I joined the army forces. Perfect how could I refuse?

So after a year working in a soul destroying clerical job I saw an ad in the paper “audition for a concept band for television” But I’ll tell that story later.

But there was my opportunity to soar. So for the next three years (and several bands later) I made it as a pro. Not exactly living high in the hog; pub gigs, pub food, pub accommodation, but hey I was living the dream right? Even more satisfying was the knowledge that I “could”.

Since those days playing music has done very well by me. In fact I floated The Guitar Repairers for its first two years in money I made playing live music. Which brings me to the present.

I recently received a note attached to a clients guitar telling me that you “can’t” use wood to make a nut.

The timber in question was an exotic timber called Brazilian Bloodwood. A timber that’s hard wearing, incredibly resonant and as fortune would have it very beautiful.

We at The Guitar Repairers have been making nuts and saddles out of this material for Brisbane vintage guitars for over ten years. We also made nuts and saddles out of bone, ebony, brass and composite combinations of all of those materials.

Twenty years ago a company in the US of A started making nuts and saddles out of compressed paper/teflon composite.

The “you can’t do that” groups screamed blue murder! Well, 20 years later Graphtech is the choice of many and why? Because it does what it says it does, who would have thunk?

I think that bone is awesome, I think Graphtec is awesome. Why? It works. Bloodwood is awesome, ebony is awesome and why? Because it works.

The day that I stop experimenting and pushing the boundaries is the day I’ll hang up the bib and braces and go play golf (I hate golf). Until next time dear guitar-loving reader.


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Our saddles and nuts adorn many Brisbane vintage guitars, also read this post for more info!