Broken Headstock Repair

March 26, 2014

 Guild Broken Headstock Repair


As with a lot of broken headstocks this happened sometime between the guitar being put into airplane baggage and retrieving it from airplane baggage. Needless to say the owner was not impressed. But all is not lost, things can be done!

broken headstock repair

 The first thing to do is clean the area, verify and clean fit and then glue and clamp the headstock back into the guitar.




broken headstock repairNext we route two channels in the neck to fit some rosewood reinforcement splines.broken headstock repair





broken headstock repair

The spines are pared down and the neck is oversprayed in a dark plum tint precatalysed lacquer.






broken headstock repairWe like to burst the area with dark tint to hide the work as best we can without changing the original aesthetic.





After sanding, spraying, buffing (rinse repeat) we let the lacquer dry for a few days. Then it’s as simple as reinstalling the hardware and setting up it. Now we have the final result.

broken headstock repair broken headstock repair

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