‘Electric – Hollow Body’ Category

  1. ’10 Gretsch White Falcon

    April 4, 2015

    Gretsch-White-Falcon4I always wanted to own one of these however having never seen a lefty I think I may go to my grave empty handed.

    Of course, what is important here is. If I had a Lefty white falcon, what would I wear with it? Coz let’s be honest, you don’t wear this guitar.. it wears you.

    OK! enough! Here’s the guff.. beautiful guitar in 9/10 looks like a big beautiful blond because it is.

    The guitar world’s Jane Mansfield. Plays like butter with a huge tone. Not much to say really, other than ….wow!!!!  in original case


  2. ’65 Gretsch Tennessean

    April 1, 2015

    DSCF9031-(Custom)Is it just me or do old semi’s have a much ‘woodier’ acoustic tone?

    Which means of course, a much “woodier” electric tone. Everything you need is here. A slim taper neck (rare for a Gretsch) hat fits into the hand real snug and light weight to help on those long gigs. TV Jones filtertrons have been retrofitted however the original ‘G’ brand “hi-lo” pick ups are also included.

    We recently re fretted the old girl as the previous owner had plainly loved her so much he’d flattened the old frets to the point where they were barely more the fret markers, but hey! that says a lot about just how good this geetar is… in original case.


  3. 1962 Harmony Rocket

    March 18, 2014


    1962 Harmony Rocket

    Can you believe it! This beautiful vintage 1962 Harmony Rocket had been sitting around the shop in a half finished state for over 2 years, owing the fact that John was so daunted by the prospect of re wiring her, that it sat in the “too hard” basket.

    until now…

    Finally here she is, freshly re wired, re fretted and ready to go. The super slim neck will be a treasure for those with, shall we say “petite hands” or maybe not. The Gold top pick ups are surprisingly fat and the tone is warm and woody.