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  1. Restoration: Cretin Lyre

    April 27, 2018

  2. Collings MT2 Full Gloss A-Style Mandolin

    November 28, 2017

    We really don’t need to tell you about Collings instruments if your already looking at this post. Bill Collings started the company in 1973 and has made what can only be described as the Rolls Royce of American stringed instruments ever since. Bill passed away in July of this year and although this is a tragedy for the luthiery community; not to mention his many admirers in the playing community, there is no doubt that instruments built before his passing will increase in value. This mandolin brings together all of those thing that you would expect from Collings. Brightness with plenty of midrange cut and projection, and a slick action to round things off…. Just look at that flame! PS if you check around on prices, you’ll know what a bargain this mandolin is….

    Some Specs:

    • Serial no.: #91
    • Built Nov 2001
    • Made in Austin TX
    • Carved Red Spruce Top; Premium Flamed Maple Back/Sides/Neck


    Includes Case

  3. 1916 Gibson Mandolin A-Style

    January 16, 2016


    I present to you a boooodiful little 1916 A1 Gibson “pumpkin top” (based on looks, not materials)…she is so cute and has a stunning woody tone with plenty of volume. we’ve seen a few over the years, however this old girl stands head and shoulders over the rest. Inc original case yum!


  4. Windsor Banjolin c. 1920

    October 24, 2014

    DSCF7154Windsor Banjolin c. 1920

    I want you to think 1920’s beer halls, vaudeville, George Fornby, you get it right? p.a systems? Maybe a 20 watt “TOA” to overcome 100 plus revelers; good luck with that! So what you need is a weapon that will cut right through the rabble. Well this is it.

    The Windsor “proffesional” packs a punch! Completely restored (inc new calf skin) so now she has enough power to drive your neighbours to press “000” and have you evicted before you have a chance to get to verse 2 of brown eyed girl.

  5. National Mandolin 1929

    October 24, 2014

    National Mandolin c.1929National Mandolin 1929

    National was known to not only “Reso-tone” guitars but they “Reso-toned” violins, tenor guitars, double basses and this: the Mandolin. She’s beat up but sweet and oozes vintage Americana. Where are you going to find a better deal than that?

    $2500 inc case

  6. Windsor Banjo Mandolin circa. 1923

    January 8, 2014


    Windsor banjo mandolin.

    Here’s a piece of history for ya!

    The Banjo mandolin or “banjolin” was designed with the vaudevillian beer halls of the late 19th through early-mid 20th century in mind. With no Electric amplification, volume  and projection were the key. I suppose you could say that “in your face” is another way to describe it. With that in mind, I present to you this “large bowl” professional Banjolin is just that. It’s a headache inducing, ear splitting piece of mid range punch. Wanna cut through in your folk ensemble? Wanna get sacked from your Folk ensemble?  Wanna annoy your neighbours? Wanna get evicted?…. Well this is for you.

    PS everything that should be done has been done

    . New Calf skin head

    .New tuners

    .Re fret

    .French polished

    . Set up with hand made bridge