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  1. Ralee’s Sketches

    October 12, 2011

    We’ve had two visits from the unassuming, but immensely talented Ralee Winks in the past 2 months. Ralee came in, introduced himself and asked if we would mind him taking some sketches of the shop and us working in it.

    So he sat down, pencil in hand and worked away, careful not to disturb us while we were “hard at work” (aka very curious to see what he was doing). When he showed us what he had done we were blown away.

    The drawings speak for themselves but if you want to see more here is Ralee’s blogsite: http://grubbyrubber.blogspot.com/


  2. Neil Finn and the story of the Tempo 12 String

    February 3, 2010

    Neil Finn and the Tempo 12 stringThis guitar represents the essence of what the Guitar Repairers are all about. It’s a short story, however I think you’l like it.

    June of last year one of our regular ‘irregulars’ the Rev. Justin Petrie wanted to give us a guitar that he had sitting in a cupboard for nearly ten years. Several ‘consultants’ had been deemed the guitar worthless, irreparable and worst of all, these same folk had told him to chuck the old girl in the bin!

    We could see great potential in this old gem and I gave Justin 150.00 for her as that seemed the right thing to do. I now realize that a thousand dollars would have been more appropriate! (more…)