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John (not pictured) is the captain of the ship. His lordship defies a caption and deserves his own page. He is the Guitar Repairer…

Luke Kallquist - Guitar Maintenance BrisbaneLuke Kallquist

Luke has been a hardworking luthier for The Guitar Repairers for 8 years now.

He has a solid background in furniture restoration (earning his cabinet making trade doing said restoration), guitar maintenance, spaghetti westerns, and vintage port.

His eye for detail and high standard for quality have brought many an old and beaten guitar back from the dead and into the hands of the grateful musicians of today.

His passion for luthiery has led him to create Kallquist Guitars, his own guitar manufacturing business that excels in quality, provides superior craftmanship and delivers unmatched acoustic tone.

Check out to see what’s possible.

James - Guitar Maintenance BrisbaneJames Meggitt

James is currently serving his 5th year at the Guitar Repairers and is a fully qualified cabinet maker to boot.

Not that modern day cabinet making involves work with much solid timber but is nonetheless a testament to his eye for detail, love of all things timber and his above average emotional pain threshold.

James’ passion for luthiery has seen The Guitar Repairers boost their repertoire of custom electric guitars, restored vintage beauties and he continues to hone his craft and improve his skills as a fine luthier and craftsman.

Andre - Guitar Maintenance BrisbaneAndre East

Andre was our school based apprentice, but in the years he’s been working with us one day a week he has become much more than that.

He sets a high standard in guitar maintenance so we barely had to “remold” him at all. He has moved up from sweeping the floor and making coffee to refrets and leveling with ease.

On top of being a skilled guitarist, he’s also a good bloke. A welcome member to the guitar repairers team.

Check out his music at

We’re all animal lovers here at the Guitar Repairers.


This is Jesse, she’s a sweet old girl who has a bit of a difficult time hearing but is always grateful for a belly scratch and attention.

Guitar Maintenance Brisbane


This is Mudguts, beloved pet/child to John the boss and chief overlooker at the the Davis estate.

He spends most of his time cooped up reviewing old episodes of Gilligan’s Island. A true visionary.

Guitar Maintenance Brisbane