TONEbloc for improved Guitar Tone

July 10, 2014

TONEbloc for Guitar Tone

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What is a TONEbloc you ask? Here’s the scenario

  1. Your guitar rattles,
  2. Guitar has lost it’s umph! i.e sounds “choked”
  3. The bridge pins wont stay in
  4. The bridge is starting to separate from the sound board.
Let’s look at these issues one at a time whilst we explain what the TONEbloc can do for most of these issues.

1.There can be several reasons why a guitar rattles

  • The frets are uneven which makes a fret dress necessary
  • The playing action is too low
  • There are one or more loose bracings
  • The neck adjusting rod is loose or just vibrates on certain notes, OR – and very likely:
  • The energy of the string is not being absorbed by the sound board causing said energy to run back up the string creating a “feedback” affect which causes the string to vibrate erratically and this will cause rattle, lots of rattle! If your guitar sounds thin and lacking in guitar tone or volume this is very likely to be the cause.

2. This lack of volume is in general terms created because in actual fact there is a lack of midrange. Midrange gives that “punch” that leaps from a good sounding guitar.

Midrange comprises a complex series of frequencies that create “acoustic harmonic distortion” otherwise known as guitar tone. Electric guitarists and audiophiles love tube technology for the same reason.

3. The bridge pins won’t stay in your guitar because the bridge plate is worn through. In most cases the bridge plate can be reinforced, however in some cases it has to be replaced and this can turn into an expensive and time consuming job.

The tone bloc can take the place of a worn bridge plate as the strings are hooked into the bridge plate and therefore bypass the bridge plate altogether. Which leads to:

4. The bridge is lifting off the guitar. In most cases this happens as a result of a worn bridge plate allowing the string pressure to be applied directly onto the bridge.

You see contrary to what you may think (or have been told) The bridge’s really job is to accommodate and position the saddle and the bridge pins. It is the bridge plate that is supposed to do the rest. Again, by taking the weight off the bridge plate, bridge that is partly separated can be held in check for a long time.

The TONEbloc energises the soundboard by absorbing that otherwise spent energy and pushing it out to the sound board thereby energising (I like to say super charging) the soundboard and heightening guitar tone.

Guitar Tone lacking? Purchase a TONEbloc from our eBay store here