Handmade Brass Saddle Bridgepieces

February 5, 2010

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Up until recently we, like most guitar repair shops replaced bass saddles and telecaster bridge saddles with the best bridge saddles we could find.

However I’ve never been that happy with the type of brass used, nor the tone it produced. I researched the historical “why’s” and “where fores” of this and found the most interesting thing. The original brass used by the likes of Fender back in the 50’s was actually a softer compound than that which is available today.

This softer brass was cheaper and more available in post war USA owing to the on going rationing in the mineral resources sector. Now here’s another even more interesting thing. The brass “D” mould strips used in old European Piano’s are also a softer type of brass…..

Do you see where I’m going here? The softer compound actually gives more sustain, has a woodier, warmer tone and best of all we’re all doing the planet a favour. These saddle sets are on average 140.00 plus fitting

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