Helpful Hints in the Dry Nasty Weather

October 18, 2017

Having read your many comments and questions re. the dry nasty weather… here is my advice:

1. VIP!!! DO NOT attempt to repair the damage whilst the guitar is dry…. I can’t stress this enough… if you think about it, it’s pretty clear that once the timber expands again….. oh dear……..

2. I would recommend that anyone with a Maton, Cole Clarke, Martin or any other solid timber guitar should put a humidifier in their case ASAP.

3. For those who already have cracks in their guitars, the same is true

4. I read in several posts that putting a wet sponge in your guitar is a good idea and whilst this is a solution it can also cause damage to the lacquer by direct contact with water

5. When the weather (hopefully) becomes more humid then the cracks should close up but some repairs maybe needed both structurally and aesthetically, although I’ve seen some guitars close up to a point where it is hard to tell anything untoward ever happened. (your guitar will “breathe” with the changes in weather. Don’t stress if you notice change, this is normal.

I hope that clarifies things….and yes! we have Herco Humidifiers for 15 buckaroos… the best investment you can make…..PS I cleaned the wholesaler out of these guys and only have 25 in stock