Kay “True Tone” c.1962

November 9, 2016

Kay "True Tone" c.1962

Just playing this guitar acoustically is fun. Really comfy “D” neck and warm, woody tone define this little Gem. She came to us gutted and in need of some loving…. below is listed work we’ve done this beautiful little thing.

1. Re fret

2. Re install the electronics having first cleaned, lubed, and then tested them thoroughly. There is nothing more painful than getting the electronics in only to find a broken wire etc, especially with wire this old.

3. Set up with 11-49 (can be re set to anyone’s preferred free of charge)

Additions and non genuine….. As mentioned earlier two potentiometers have been replaced. The original bridge and scratch plate are supplied, however we found that a Bigsby bridge worked better tonally….. Bigsby hmmmm? now that’s an idea……


Includes Case