Neck Splining

October 18, 2012


In early 2009 we had got a phone call that started out like all the others “I’ve broken my guitar can you repair it?” “Of course,” we replied “I’ve snapped the headstock off and I have a gig in two nights.” “Oh” Was our response.

Not too long after, a man came in with this broken ovation. It turns out it belonged to happy tapper Preston Reed, who was playing some shows in Brisbane over the weekend.

This break was particularly bad but we felt confident it could be repaired and stage ready in time.

So, working back, Luke tirelessly glued, clamped and then routed and then reinforced the neck with some hardwood splines.

All over a 38 hour period no less. John dropped it off to Preston the morning of the gig and the news got back to us that it was a roaring success.

There is no break too big or too small here at the guitar repairers