1. Hofner President C.1958

    March 17, 2017

    You don’t need me to tell you how beautiful this girl is.  We’ve had a few things to get around like the neck set problem, electronics and what type of bridge will do justice to her.  The neck we removed (actually age and several bad gluing job did it for us… But we didn’t fight it!) We then removed a whole section of the neck heal which we deemed weak and replaced it with a maple insert and a vertical dowel running right through the center.  For the bridge, we ended up making a one piece compensated jazz bridge out of striped ebony.  She really belongs in the hands of a professional, however, she’ll also take being owned by someone who really loves her.  She’s plays like butter and the tone both acoustically and electrically is warm and woody.


    Inc. Case

  2. 1972 Vega (Vip 5) Banjo

    February 3, 2017


    Hi Folks, when we first laid eyes on this little girl, it was hard to believe that she wasn’t built yesterday. There is not a mark or scratch to indicate that this fine example has ever really been handled let alone played. This fine piece of American craftsmanship is full and loud in tone; and at 3.9kg she won’t break your back either.


    Includes Original Case

  3. Maton Heritage c.2001

    November 24, 2016

    Maton Heritage

    This is an interesting and unique guitar for the following reasons:

    1. It is the first “production” Maton with a red cedar top
    2. It was designed by Brad Clarke and little old me in 1996
    3. Only 125 were made between 1996 and 2003.
    4. Maton lost the manufacturing records giving this custom model an air of mystery.
    5. The sound board braces are slightly scalloped
    6. Finally, The “EMJ” stands for Electric/ Music Junction. I worked for The Music Junction from 1990 to 1998.



  4. Vintage Lap Steel c.1950s

    November 23, 2016

    20161103_131642Now I want to tell you a story about this beasty. We bought this Lap as a rough shaped piece of timber, a cool box and an even cooler hand wound pick up which still worked! We then set about bringing her back to scratch. This is what we’ve done

    1. refinished the  body in a black and brown hue whilst fabricating re pro vintage tort cover plates for the electronics section.
    2. Re line the case/box.
    3. We then installed new electronics and shielded the electronics  cavities. (she’s very quite for such an old single coil pick up).
    4. We then set up the lap with a brass (hand made) bridge, tail piece and ebony nut.

    The tone is very vintage with the pick up having the character of an old P90.and the sustain is epic. Demo videos available on request


    inc the case thingie


  5. Kay “True Tone” c.1962

    November 9, 2016

    Kay "True Tone" c.1962

    Just playing this guitar acoustically is fun. Really comfy “D” neck and warm, woody tone define this little Gem. She came to us gutted and in need of some loving…. below is listed work we’ve done this beautiful little thing.

    1. Re fret

    2. Re install the electronics having first cleaned, lubed, and then tested them thoroughly. There is nothing more painful than getting the electronics in only to find a broken wire etc, especially with wire this old.

    3. Set up with 11-49 (can be re set to anyone’s preferred free of charge)

    Additions and non genuine….. As mentioned earlier two potentiometers have been replaced. The original bridge and scratch plate are supplied, however we found that a Bigsby bridge worked better tonally….. Bigsby hmmmm? now that’s an idea……


    Includes Case

  6. Seagull “Grand” C. late 90’s    

    June 20, 2016

    DSCF4241Before you ask….. Yes that wear is all real… One of our favourite clients is Jimmy Watts and this is one of our favourite guitars, which sadly he has to part with to finance his latest album.Of his three guitars he asked me “which one will be the most desirable?”  by far the best is this one.
    We’ve mantained this  guitar since new and contrary to appearance, structurally she’s in great condition. The Red Cedar sound board produces the sweetest tone. She’s really played in and the neck feels amazing. We also have, not one but three pick ups on board going out to three seperate output jacks conceived and custom made in house. A bug, a piezo under saddle pick up and my personal fave: a calibrated “Charlie Christian” style P90 Cover made in house just so you can run it through a guitar amp get seriously fat tone…..
    She also sports one of our compensated nut for better tuneability  and intonation. This truthfully is”that’ mythical guitar everyone hopes to find.