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  1. 1962 Harmony Rocket

    March 18, 2014


    1962 Harmony Rocket

    Can you believe it! This beautiful vintage 1962 Harmony Rocket had been sitting around the shop in a half finished state for over 2 years, owing the fact that John was so daunted by the prospect of re wiring her, that it sat in the “too hard” basket.

    until now…

    Finally here she is, freshly re wired, re fretted and ready to go. The super slim neck will be a treasure for those with, shall we say “petite hands” or maybe not. The Gold top pick ups are surprisingly fat and the tone is warm and woody.


  2. What is a Setup?

    April 7, 2013

    What is a Setup?

     “remember the first step towards fixing the problem is to admit you have one”

    Hello there fellow guitar junkies.

    For some time now, our loving customers have asked me to do a blog, so that is what I will attempt to do (a blog, not a sermon right?). The question is, where to start? I know! I’ll start with the most common question I get asked: “What is a set up?”

    To which I cordially respond “ Can you tell me your idea of what a set up is?” I ask this with all sincerity because most folks don’t really know. That is why we offer an appointment based system which allows the client to actually watch the whole process from beginning to end. So if you have an hour or so up your sleeve and don’t mind being strung out on massive quantities of caffeine, this might be right up your street.


  3. The “Francis Rossi” Replica

    September 21, 2012


    A custom build project with a twist. After crafting a Rick Parffit replica guitar for Statoz Quo (a very good Status Quo tribute band. Check out their facebook here) they just had to have the matching Francis Rossi edition.

    So there we were faced with daunting task of creating another replica. I say daunting because the standards for these replica instruments are very high. Ask any Status Quo fan and they will tell you that the guitars in that band are a crucial element. To be taken seriously as a tribute band you must have the accurate axe.

    So we started from scratch



  4. P-90 infused Buttescotch T-Style (with bigsby)

    June 7, 2011

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    This is a custom T-Style guitar we just finished for a customer. He wanted that awesome tele crunch but with much more midrange so we said “sure! leave it with us”. An all maple neck, nice ash body, b5 Bigsby, mini humbucker in the neck and a chrome plated P-90 in the bridge and of course a lovely vintage style nitro cellulose Butterscotch finish is what we came up with. Not bad eh?

    Sounding as nice as it looks, as promised it has a nice bitey top end with a good thick midrange crunch.

    Another proud creation of us fella’s here at the Guitar Repairers

    pictured as well is the tele a la natural. We thought it looked so good natural that we had to post it as well


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    We have since added a groovy tortoiseshell scratchplate to this beaut and Phil Barker, the proud owner has been nice enough to grant us a testimonial!

    John I just wanted to let you know what a great job, you, Luke and James did in making The Beast for me.  A beautiful instrument to play with such a wide dynamic range: from the extremely bold and crunchy, to gentle sweet jazz tones.  If I ever l play well enough to match the possibilities this guitar opens up I will be a happy man.

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