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  1. Harmony Parlor Guitar c.1927

    October 22, 2014

    Oakland Vintage Parlor 1927Harmony Parlor Guitar

    Now this girl is a treat! Harmony made only a few of this model. In face, in 1927, this was the top of the line with solid spruce top, solid koa wood back and sides and checkerboard binding makes this guitar a testament to Harmony’s ability to make fine guitars when they put their mind to it. So beautiful


    inc case

  2. Stella Harmony Lapsteel

    April 2, 2014

    Stella lap steel


    You know, sometimes our little parlor guitars just scream out to be …well something different.

    To that end, that’s exactly what we’ve done here. The P90, the gilded paint work, the roadwearing, all come together to make something truly unique. Some will love it, some, not so much, but boring she is not.

    For those who choose to love this one off vintage treasure


  3. 1962 Harmony Rocket

    March 18, 2014


    1962 Harmony Rocket

    Can you believe it! This beautiful vintage 1962 Harmony Rocket had been sitting around the shop in a half finished state for over 2 years, owing the fact that John was so daunted by the prospect of re wiring her, that it sat in the “too hard” basket.

    until now…

    Finally here she is, freshly re wired, re fretted and ready to go. The super slim neck will be a treasure for those with, shall we say “petite hands” or maybe not. The Gold top pick ups are surprisingly fat and the tone is warm and woody.