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  1. What is a Setup?

    April 7, 2013

    What is a Setup?

     “remember the first step towards fixing the problem is to admit you have one”

    Hello there fellow guitar junkies.

    For some time now, our loving customers have asked me to do a blog, so that is what I will attempt to do (a blog, not a sermon right?). The question is, where to start? I know! I’ll start with the most common question I get asked: “What is a set up?”

    To which I cordially respond “ Can you tell me your idea of what a set up is?” I ask this with all sincerity because most folks don’t really know. That is why we offer an appointment based system which allows the client to actually watch the whole process from beginning to end. So if you have an hour or so up your sleeve and don’t mind being strung out on massive quantities of caffeine, this might be right up your street.


  2. How to Restring your Guitar

    January 30, 2011

    We get a lot of people coming in complaining about intonation issues, tuning issues and issues involving the strings breaking “Please please help, give me the full setup just stop the madness!” They cry.

    We look over their guitar and simply say “Let me show you how to string your guitar properly.” The response is usually nothing short of worship, but hey, its the cross we bear in this industry.

    We also have to thank the talented Ralee Winks for supplying us with these lovely illustrations

    Step 1:

    The string comes up and rests in the inner side of the machine head post. The string will be wound anticlockwise on machine head posts on the left hand side of the headstock (for 3 a side guitars like most acoustics and 6 in line like most electrics) and will be wound clockwise for the machine heads on the right hand side of the headstock. (more…)