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  1. National “Rosita” C.1939

    October 22, 2014

    DSCF7114National Rosita Resonator Guitar

    America was not yet to enter the war when this baby was made. However the USA was building some fine instruments. This is one example of that time. We’ve brought her back to life with a neck reset and refret, everything is ready to go and the vintage tone shines. At $2900 here is a chance to have a pre war dream.


    inc case

  2. National Bluegrass 35

    January 8, 2014


    National Bluegrass 35 compact resonator C. 1963 with molded Reso-glass body.

    The First time I ever saw one of these cutie’s was back in 1992 at a Deborah Conway Gig. Deb was cute, however her Reso glass took the cuteness and “cred” factor to a whole new level. As you can tell it left quite an impression on me, even though most of you, dear readers weren’t born at that stage. I coveted one then and still covet one now. If I could “back door” it without the little lady finding out.  Listen to the intro of this song and you’ll get an idea of what our little girl sounds like, please excuse the second rate audio.


  3. Dobro Resonator Guitar No.27 Circa 1933-36

    January 8, 2014

    DSCF5047 (Medium)

    Dobro Resonator

    How cool is this? We don’t see many of this particular model, given that the building of most wooden Dobro’s of this period were being being “farmed out” to the Regal guitar Co.

    This one however is all Dobro Resonator guitar and all original right down to the cone and tuners….

    History in the offing for:

    $1850 Sold