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  1. Martin D12/28 1971

    September 20, 2017

    Aah yes my fine feathered friends, here’s our latest temptation for you…. I present to you this beautiful 1971 Martin D12/28… Solid East Indian rosewood back, sides and finger board and an action as smooth as a gravy sandwich…. oh yes! That other little detail …. the tone…. must I elaborate? Just re fretted in our workshop.


    Includes Case

  2. Hofner Congress C. 60’s

    September 20, 2017

    This little guitar is a very, very clean example that not only looks the part but plays and sounds it too. We’ve fretted her and set her up with a slinky action for a slick jazz playing style, although she’s a wonderful strumming guitar as well. Please tell us how you’d like her set up and we’ll oblige. 


  3. Vintage Harmony Cowboy Parlor c.1930’s

    September 20, 2017

    Howdy Pardiners… your looking at our latest restoration. As can be seen, she’s had a full ground up restoration. Further to this has been the addition of scalloped X bracings. We’ve restored many a parlor guitar but this’n is up there with the best of them.. The tone is warm and smokey. The volume is amazing. All this from such a small bodied instrument. These Harmonies were made from solid birch which is a surprisingly good tone wood and this little guitar shows this in spades. Set up with over size vintage frets and deer antler saddle and nut. There’s not a lot more to say.


    Includes Original Case

  4. 70’s Japanese Les Paul “Shop Custom”

    September 8, 2017

    To be honest, when we started this “upcycle” we really didn’t know where it was heading but as it came together we could see some of our favourite things evolving out of the mist. But first the back story… This guitar was donated to us some years ago. She was in a sorry state, just the bare bones comprising of the body and the neck. The finish had been stripped and the headstock binding was missing as were pieces of the headstock and there it sat for at least three years. Being a Japanese LP replica with a semi hollow top, I would place it in the late ‘70’s-early 80’s. She’s probably a Kasuga, maybe a Stagg or maybe an Ibanez… take your pick.

    The refurb  process went as follows. I had some fine Japanese Gift wrap (quite appropriate I think) so decided to give it a “distressed wallpaper” vibe. Andre over sprayed this with tinted lacquer and voila! This created a slight Zemaitis vibe. Andre restored the headstock and re fretted the neck before again over spraying in tint lacquer. I had a Seymour Duncan “Dime time” pick up for the bridge and an 80’s Dimarzio PAF for the neck. All new electronics with the exception of two original 70’s Japanese tone controls (they have a slight squeak when turned which I think is kind of cute). We also decided to use a trapeze tail piece which gives the guitar a lovely woody tone and I feel also gives a slight Rick Turner vibe (another fine maker). Aged parts add further to the look which all put together also gives the end product a slight vibe of Neil Young’s “Old Black”. She sounds and plays amazingly!

    You can tell that we’re pretty stoked with the finished product. Whoever buys this guitar is buying a very unique one off instrument that was saved owing to imagination and passion…


    Includes Case

  5. Hofner President C.1958

    March 17, 2017

    You don’t need me to tell you how beautiful this girl is.  We’ve had a few things to get around like the neck set problem, electronics and what type of bridge will do justice to her.  The neck we removed (actually age and several bad gluing job did it for us… But we didn’t fight it!) We then removed a whole section of the neck heal which we deemed weak and replaced it with a maple insert and a vertical dowel running right through the center.  For the bridge, we ended up making a one piece compensated jazz bridge out of striped ebony.  She really belongs in the hands of a professional, however, she’ll also take being owned by someone who really loves her.  She’s plays like butter and the tone both acoustically and electrically is warm and woody.


    Inc. Case

  6. 1972 Vega (Vip 5) Banjo

    February 3, 2017


    Hi Folks, when we first laid eyes on this little girl, it was hard to believe that she wasn’t built yesterday. There is not a mark or scratch to indicate that this fine example has ever really been handled let alone played. This fine piece of American craftsmanship is full and loud in tone; and at 3.9kg she won’t break your back either.


    Includes Original Case